Celebrating Black History Month, February 1-28, 2023

Statement from Farid Tourkmani, PSAC Atlantic Regional Council Director for Racially Visible Members

February is the month to celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate, and prosperous nation it is today.  

Black History Month is also an opportunity to highlight the best of Black History and culture, and to honor the ancestors and leaders of Black communities, their accomplishments and their continued fight for liberation. Black History should be recognized 365 days a year, and not limited to a single month.  Canadians are encouraged to take the time to reflect and educate themselves on the history of Black enslavement, discrimination and criminalization of people of African descent, and to remember that racism still exists. Canadian society has seen progress over the decades, but African Canadians continue to experience differential treatment. Black, racialized and Indigenous community members continue to face discrimination, unjust profiling both in our workplaces and in our communities. PSAC Atlantic is committed to fighting racism and promoting employment equity in the workplaces, within our own union, and in our communities.

This year’s BHM theme is Resilience. Resilience is the process and outcome of adapting to challenging life experiences, especially through, mental, emotional and behavioral flexibility. It is this adapting to change  and flexibility that has been internalized and infused into values for Black families survival.  That said, PSAC Atlantic and all its members will continue to pressure the government to address the systemic racism in the workplace, implement all calls for action outlined by the Privy Council. Now more than ever, PSAC Atlantic needs to continue to engage and mobilize the membership by providing on-going training and support throughout the year, PSAC Atlantic must continue to urge the Federal Government to make Anti-Racism courses a priority for all its employees.

PSAC Atlantic must work towards meaningful and attainable change for Black, Indigenous and racialized members, including those with intersecting identities. Our union is committed to fighting racism and hatred in all forms. We encourage members not to be neutral when witnessing racism in any form. Instead, commit to not looking the other way and stand up for what is right, If You See Something, Say Something.

Participate in Black History events hosted within your local communities and through the employer.

Support a local Black entrepreneur/Restaurant.

Watch an educational film on Black History with your family and friends.

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Farid Tourkmani, Atlantic Regional Council Director for Racially Visible Members


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