Candle Light Vigil in Miramichi

A crowd of approximately 50 people gathered in front of the local conservative Miramichi MP, Tilly O’Neill-Gordon on Sunday evening, December 6, to commemorate the national day of remembrance and action on violence against women and to oppose Bill C-391 which calls for the dismantling of gun registration in Canada.

The members, standing in front of an empty office as Mrs O’Neill-Gordon had declined the invitation, had a message and some questions for her.  Mrs O’Neill-Gordon, how can you let voters of your riding believe that one day you are against violence to women and young girls and on another day, you vote to support Bill C-391 to dismantle the long gun registry in Canada?  It is these same guns that are used on a daily basis to hurt and kill women and young girls!

Mrs O’Neill-Gordon who was recently invited to speak before 300 people attending an Awareness Session on Family Violence and Violence Against Women at the NBCC Miramichi, addressed the group by saying that through collaboration and activism, she envisions a day where women and young girls won’t have to live in fear of violence.  “I cannot and will not ignore this important issue.  We need to remember.” she said.  “Without exception, violence against women universally diminishes, damages and even destroys the lives it touches.”

Members left a bouquet of 14 red roses on her door step in remembrance of the 14 victims of the Montreal Massacre as well as some special thoughts for Hillary Bonnell, a 16 year-old girl from the Burnt Church community found dead last November 12 after she had been missing for 11 weeks.