Call out to participate in the Guatemala Delegation with Breaking the Silence

PSAC Atlantic and the Social Justice Fund invite PSAC Atlantic members with a deep commitment to international social justice to apply to be a part of the Breaking the Silence delegation traveling to Guatemala this year from October 20 to November 1, 2013. The delegation is organized by the Tatamagouche Centre. 

This is not a vacation.  It is an arduous, thought provoking journey into the lives and struggles of working people in Guatemala.  The delegation will spend time with and learn from Mayan community groups working for peace, justice, reconciliation and human rights in Guatemala. It will visit schools for families affected by genocide, a legal clinic involved in cases of genocide and women’s rights, women’s cooperatives, and communities affected by Canadian mining. 

Applicants will be asked to attend two orientation sessions and a post trip de-briefing at theTatamagouche Centre in Nova Scotia. The delegation will travel to Guatemalafrom October 20 to November 1, 2013. 

The trip involves sleeping in hostels and with Guatemalan families, and traveling by open truck to some destinations.  You must be committed, energetic and open to new experiences.  You must also be respectful of local practices.  It may be required that you not smoke and not drink.

The PSAC Social Justice Fund will fund up to two members to take part in this delegation. This covers the cost of orientation sessions (as well as a debriefing/re-entry session) at the Tatamagouche Centre and all costs involved with getting to and from Guatemala. This includes transportation, lodging and meals while in Guatemala, translation, as well as honorariums and airfares.

Costs not covered include any preventative shots (malaria etc) that may be required, travel insurance, passport and loss of salary.

Any member signing on to this delegation not only makes a personal commitment of time and energy, but also must be willing to share her or his experiences with other PSAC and community groups upon return.  The member will do this in consultation with the Political Action Committee of the Atlantic Council and the Regional Executive Vice-President.

If this describes you, please write a 500 word essay on why this trip is of interest to you, what background you have in Social Justice, globalization or political action work and how you would use this experience in your work with your union upon your return. Please also include the following information: name, address, Component/Local, position on executive if any, phone numbers, e-mail. To be eligible, you must also be accepted by the delegation organizers. Please also fill out the attached application.  Please submit all materials to Lesley Thompson ( / fax 1-902-443-8291) by May 3, 2013.  If selected, your application will be forwarded to the organizers.

Please call Lesley Thompson with any questions at 902-471-6201.

In solidarity,

Jeannie Baldwin
Regional Executive Vice-President