A poem: One day, they won’t have to

I fight for my daughters
Sisters, aunts and nieces
I fight for my grand-daughters
Neighbours and friends

I fight so they don’t have to
I fight even though I have no strength
I fight despite my exhaustion
I fight so they don’t have to

As many before us, we must pave
And continue paving until it’s done
Until we are recognised
As first class citizens, as equals

We bare children, nurse our elders
Teach our youth and love our spouses
We do it all! We are superwomen
We it because…. Well, it must be done

I fight, I plea, I scream, I cry
Whatever it takes to make it happen
Whatever it takes to make it through
I fight, so our daughters don’t have to

Dedicated to all women activists
Especially my sisters from the PSAC
You inspire me, and you replenish me, thank you!
Sandy Cake (May 25, 2013)