A message from the Director for LGBTQ Members

On this International Day against Homophobia, we must pause and reflect of all the gains we have won and the battles that still lay ahead.  

We are reminded that we do not live in a world that is inclusive of all its members. With the tragedy that happened not too long ago, the beating and death of Raymond Taavel, a senseless death of a very good man and the bullying that happens every day in schools across our region, we must strengthen our resolve to make this a better place.

We have won many battles but we are not at the end of our road, as a community, we must wake up and speak out against homophobia, either by writing letters, talking to our neighbours, family, educating people around us, showing them that we are not different, that our love isn’t different, it feels the same and we live the same as any other couple.

We must work hard at making our workplaces a safe and inclusive environment, so that maybe one day, we can walk tall and free of fears against homophobia.  Pride season is fast approaching, let us rejoice and be Proud.