2015 National Public Service Week

National Public Service Week (NPSW) will be held June 14 to 20, 2015.  Once again we are boycotting any participation.  We are asking that you do not take any role in the employer’s organizing committees as the employer may be approaching you shortly.  We encourage you to take part in an activity being organized by PSAC or your local.

“In the current climate of distrust, considering the ongoing assaults coming from the government of Canada and upcoming contract negotiations for thousands of our members, the relevance of such activities is non-existent.”

                                                            -Robyn Benson, National President, PSAC

We want the employer to demonstrate its commitment to quality public services and the people who deliver them.

We want the employer to share real and credible facts about sick leave and provide a healthy workplace.

We want the employer to bargain in good faith at the bargaining table!

On National Public Service Week, join your fellow Union brothers and sisters at a Union event near you.  We will send you details of the Union events when they become available.

Be proud of the quality public service you deliver – proud to be a Union member.

In solidarity,


Jeannie Baldwin

Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC Atlantic