What can you do to support Human Rights Day ?

To Highlight the International Human Right Day commemoration members of the Greater Moncton Human Rights Committee (GMHRC) decided to participate to some events in the Greater Moncton Area to help out less fortunate.

They first met at the Karing Kitchen where they helped prepare and serve a nutritional meal to all people that came in.   Afterwards members of the GMHRC committee presented the KARING Kitchen representative with a $200.00 cheque to help them with the work they do in the community.

Secondly, members headed to the MAGMA office and presented them with a $200.00 cheques to be used in helping the coordination of the upcoming Syrians refugees. They were extremely happy and very interested to form an Alliance with the GMHRC in the near future since they share the same values.

In conclusion as most of the soup kitchens are closed at supper time, the Humanity Project is the only organization who is helping homeless people by serving food at supper time.  Farid Tourkmani, chair of the GMHRC met with them and presented another $ 200.00 cheque to help them continue on their work in the community. They are looking to have a sheltered place to feed the homeless at supper time because as it is they do that in parking lots and sometimes they get rained on.