Universal Declaration of Human Rights Day

The Greater Moncton Human Rights committee offered a free presentation/film screening to highlight December 10th for PSAC members and the general public.

Marla LeBlanc and Farid Tourkmani, two PSAC members who were sponsored by the PSAC Social Justice Fund had a life time experience recently when they were part of a delegation “Breaking the Silence” to Guatemala for two weeks where they spent time and learned with Mayan groups working for peace, justice, reconciliation and human rights. Upon their return, they worked on a presentation to share their experience with others.


Despite the first snow of the year, the turnout was pretty good; approximately 25 people attended the activity.


BTS coffee, Sugar and handicrafts were available after the presentation at a lower cost, donations were also accepted and all proceeds were going to Breaking the Silence initiative in Tatamagouche.  Also, PSAC social justice calendars were available and proceeds were going to the PSAC Social Justice fund.


The total proceeds for the evening were $536.98 in sales, donations and calendars.


Finally, the Greater Moncton Human Rights committee took advantage of this activity to do their annual draw for PSAC members who participated in their activities over the year.  The winners were: Nathalie Robichaud (AGR), Farid Tourkmani (CEIU) and Jolène Richard (CEIU)