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As a member of PSAC – Atlantic Region, a participating group of Atlantic Canada Health Care Coalition Society (ACHCCS), you are eligible for the MHCSI Preferred Supplementary Pharmacy Benefits Program, where you will enjoy preferred coverage on prescription medications, plus other benefits on pharmacy services.

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September 24, 2014

Members and Eligible Dependents

Dear Member:

RE:  Changes to the MHCSI Preferred Pharmacy Provider Program effective August 1, 2014

As you may know, Canada’s provinces and territories have been working together over recent years to lower generic drug prices for all Canadians. In 2013, the Initiative resulted in lowering the price of six (6) highly used generic drugs to 18% of the brand price. This year, another four (4) commonly used generic drugs have been selected to be reduced to 18% of the brand price, to add to the existing six (6), effective April 1st, 2014. 

The above generic price reductions are in addition to the various provincial generic drug reforms that have resulted in most generics being available to both public and private sector payers at prices of between 25% and 35% of the reference brand price.   Consequently, drug plans and consumers in both the public and private sector have benefitted with lower costs and significant savings.

In light of the recent generic drug reforms and to ensure MHCSI is able to continue to offer programs and services to participating group members of the Atlantic Canada Health Care Coalition Society (ACHCCS), it has become necessary for MHCSI to modify the participation-based coverage awarded per eligible claim pursuant to the Atlantic Canada Health Care Coalition Society Program agreement.  

For our members, this means as of August 1, 2014 the new participation-based coverage award will be up to $3.00 per prescription filled at a preferred provider network location – Lawtons Drugs, Sobeys Pharmacy, FreshCo Pharmacy, Foodland Pharmacy, Safeway Pharmacy and Thrifty Foods Pharmacy (or $0.75 per prescription if using Sobeys Pharmacy by Mail). Depending on your specific program type, this coverage is administered for you and your eligible dependents at the point ofsale (i.e.on-line at the pharmacy) or back to your plan.

The new program will continue to offer an opportunity to earn increased participation-based awards up to $5.00 per prescription filled in the preferred provider network dependent on achievement of market share targets for your plan and ACHCCS (some restrictions do apply for claims filled in the Western Provinces).

We value our partnership with MHCSI through their agreement with the Atlantic Canada Health Care Coalition www.achccs.ca and trust you recognize the benefit it brings to our members for mutual reward and encourage your continued support for this program. The more members in the Coalition that use the MHCSI Program the quicker the participation award will return to the $5.00

We direct you to contact MHCSI directly at 1-888-686-6427 or email mhcsi.groupadmin@mhcsi.ca if you have any questions.