Statement: PSAC Atlantic supports MUNFA

Members of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association are on strike! PSAC Atlantic fully supports them, and encourages our members to show their support.

We recognize that these workers are fighting to ensure lasting improvements for contractual academic staff members. Precarious employment is a huge and growing issue in nearly all areas of the workforce, and academia has not been excluded from that. Memorial’s increasing reliance on contract academic staff has led to this strike. We know that precarious work is not sustainable in any workplace, and these workers are fighting to ensure they get a fair contract with improvements for new and senior workers.

We know that going on strike is always a last resort, and stand in solidarity with these workers. You can help by sharing your support on social media. Tag MUNFA and the university: on Twitter, @MUNFaculty and @MemorialU; on Facebook, @MUNFaculty and @MemorialUniversity; on Instagram, @MUNFaculty and @memorialuniversity. Use the hashtag #FairDealAtMUN to show your support!