St. John’s Young Workers Committee 2017 Recap

Over the past year the PSAC St. John’s Young Workers Committee (SJYWC) has had many accomplishments we would like to share with you. 

Networking and engagement remained the priority for our committee throughout 2017. We have continued to remain active on our social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Our followers continue to rise in number, and we have seen an increase in attendance at our meetings. We have continued building our network of young workers, and strengthening our connections within PSAC, Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and with the Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Labour. We are committed to sharing information with our members through educational opportunities, meetings, events, conferences, conventions and seminars.

We have continued to be leaders in our own workplaces by reaching out to other young workers and encouraging them join the young workers committee.  We continue to promote the PSAC, and share information and knowledge. We continuously encourage our members to get involved, become active and become leaders themselves. There are a number of ways members can get involved and many are interested in joining. We have found that taking time to talk to the members to find out their interests helps us to identify and suggest ways of how they may want to get involved. 

This year the SJYWC has been represented at various community events including the Ronald McDonald House’s Charity – Spare Some Love Bowling Event, the National Day of Mourning Ceremony, the St. John’s Pride Parade & Festival, and the Labour Day Picnic organized by the St. John’s District Labour Council. SJYWC members also attended the 7th Triennial PSAC Atlantic Convention and their respective Component Conventions. We also had members attend the 1st CLC Atlantic Women’s Summit in the fall. The committee hosted various social events over the course of the year. The SJYWC also represented Young Workers at both PSAC St. John’s and NL Federation of Labour International Women’s Day Luncheons. Another successful event which was a major accomplishment for the committee was our involvement in the Orientation BBQ on Memorial University Campus, which was partnered with TAUMUN, a DCL within the PSAC, and Memorial’s Graduate Student Union. Since we started doing this event two years ago, we have found TAUMUN engagement with the SJYWC has significantly increased and we hope to continue to participate in this event annually.  Throughout the year the SJYWC has been committed to working with the other regional committees in our area, including the Women’s Committee and Local Area Council; and with their partnership we were successful in hosting a Holiday Brunch for our members in the St. John’s area.

Another big success for the SJYWC was the REVP candidate panel Q/A that we organized and hosted online. We canvassed questions from Young Workers throughout the Atlantic and arranged a session where the candidates running for REVP Atlantic were asked some of these questions. Many members tuned in online for our advertised event as well as even more who watch the recorded session at a later date. The event was well received by our members in the Atlantic and the feedback was phenomenal. We received many comments from members indicating how well they felt the panel went and how much they appreciated it.

I would like to thank PSAC Atlantic, and our members in the Atlantic region for helping make this year a success for our committee.  As Chair, I am proud to have lead the SJYWC on their journey and I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring for the SJYWC.

Leanne Moss
Chair – SJYWC