Spotlight on UPCE Local 80823

The Union of Postal Communications Employees (UPCE) Local 80823 is comprised of 14 members who work for Canada Post Corporation – National Philatelic Centre in Antigonish Nova Scotia.  The National Philatelic Centre (NPC) opened in 1984 and at the time, employed approximately 120 workers.  At the opening of the NPC and until 2011, the center was the ONLY Philatelic Centre in Canada, and the members provided customer service support to Philatelists who are collectors or studiers of postage stamps that are issued by Canada Post.

Since 2011, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of workers employed at the centre.  As workers retire or leave, their positions have not been staffed.  The work has been outsourced to private service providers.  The members in Antigonish now support customers as an escalation desk for Canada Post’s Philatelic, Commercial and Small Business customers.  The members of UPCE Local 80823 have the knowledge and experience to resolve these customer’s issues.

In the opinion of the members of UPCE Local 80823, the main advantage of being a union member is job security.  Job security is extremely important to workers living in rural, small town areas.  If these members did not have job security in their collective agreement, they would be forced to relocate out of province to secure employment.  The members of UPCE Local 80823 have strong family and community bonds, while also contributing to the local economy.  Many of the members are caregivers to elderly family members and all of the members are active volunteers in their community.  The members of UPCE Local 80823 are proud of the work they do and the service they provide to Canadians.