Spotlight on GSU Local 60011 – Miramichi Pay Centre

Hello and Bonjour!  from GSU Local 60011.

We are currently welcoming and registering our employer’s newest wave of hires. This will bring our member count to approximately 850 members.  Our members all work in Miramichi, NB for Public Services and Procurement Canada and are currently housed within 5 office locations.  With the grand opening of our new office building in January 2018, these office locations are planned to be reduced to 2 within the coming months.

All our members work for the Public Service Pay Center and have a helping hand in trying to work with the new pay system, Phoenix, and strive towards paying our clients on time and accurately with the tools we have.  

The biggest benefit of being a union member is the support and responses that is received from Local/Regional and National levels from our Brothers and Sisters.  

Our Local has had rapid changes and struggles to address since the opening of the Pay Center, such as compensation being consolidated, training, the launch of Phoenix, media scrutiny as well as our own internal office issues.  During some of these moments, our Brothers and Sisters from other locals, Components or National and in other unions have stepped forward to show their support in various methods.  Many have held pizza lunches for our members to show their support at the front lines, while others have made statements of support for our local at various meetings, conventions and rallies and some have even put forward resolutions at conventions surrounding how support to our local can be demonstrated.  We are sincerely thankful for all the support we have received.