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The School Business Employees’ Union (SBEU) is a directly chartered local of the Publics Service Alliance of Canada. SBEU members are part of the backbone of the New Brunswick education system. They work in transportation, facilities, budget and accounting, IT and community outreach, and student support programs.

SBEU members are critical in the effective operation of schools across the province. They keep the schools running behind the scenes

But if the employer isn’t prepared to negotiate a contract that protects workers from the rising costs of living in this province, we’re ready to escalate our actions, even if that means taking strike action if necessary. SBEU members are trying to avoid this action, please support them by telling Premier Higgs and Minister Steeves that SBEU members deserve a fair agreement. Send an email now!

History of SBEU
Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada SBEU Local 60702 signed their first collective agreement with the Province of New Brunswick on Wednesday, June 22, 2016. They are currently bargaining for their second agreement.

The School Business Employees’ Union has been bargaining with the Province of New Brunswick for over two years to renew their collective agreement. Despite their best efforts, members of the SBEU bargaining team are facing an employer unwilling to resolve their workplace problems through fair collective bargaining.

SBEU is asking for the same agreement that their colleagues received last year. Beyond that, they are asking for an adjustment to their pay grids, to define their classification process, better standby agreements and overtime provisions. 

In September, the SBEU bargaining team went through conciliation with the Province of New Brunswick. The SBEU bargaining team was ready to negotiate with the employer, but they did not stay in conciliation for more than fifteen minutes. The Province of New Brunswick has requested a Provincial Conciliation Board, a process that could prolong these negotiations.

SBEU members won’t back down. The team is committed to continue negotiating a fair and reasonable collective agreement that will improve working conditions for members and reject any concessions from the employer.


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