Report of the Director for Non-Treasury Board/Separate Employer, Brian Oldford, February 2013 – September 2013

In my role as director for the Maritimes, since Feb 2013 I have attended several events and taken on different roles within PSAC.
    •    Acting as Regional Education Officer for February 2013
    •    Work with Organizer Dave Shaw in March 2013
    •    Lobbied Robert Chisholm and Peter Stoffer
    •    Attend PSAC Health and Safety Conference. Chairperson in the Atlantic Regional Caucus
    •    Attend Area Council meetings
    •    Attend UTE Presidents Conference in March, 2013
    •    Participated in the PSAC leadership conference April, 2013
    •    Attended Atlantic Health Care Coalition annual meeting on behalf of the REVP
    •    Delegate to the UTE Mental Health Conference in May, 2013
    •    Attended  National Tech Change meetings with UTE management
    •    Chaired a conference call regarding PSAC  Atlantic Health and Safety conference in Nov
    •    Was a delegate to the UTE interregional in PEI in June, 2013
    •    Held a BBQ at local 80003 during public service week
    •    Attended and supported our sisters and brothers at the Halifax Pride Parade in July, 2013     
    •    Participated in a Atlantic Council Teleconference on August 20, 2013
    •    Attended a meet and greet with Tomas Muclair, Darrel Dexter and Robert Chisholm. Discussed cuts to the Public Services in our region
    •    With Provincial Director Di Liberatore, we are arranging a meeting with MP Robert Chisholm to discuss “pay in arrears”
    •    Attended the Labour Day Parade
    •    Also, I have been selected to sit on the AD_HOC committee with regards to structure at UTE
Outside these events, I hold the positions of Local President of UTE local 80003. Chair of PSAC Health and Safety Committee of the Regional Council, President Rep for National Tech Change Committee, hold a position on several committees with the employer, and lastly, a member of the NS Federation of Labour Health and Safety Committee.
I am accountable for all the events I have attended on your behalf and constantly advocate improvements to the Public Service.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian Oldford