PSAC Atlantic Regional Basic Education Program Policy for Travel and Expense Entitlement

1. Purpose
This Policy for Travel and Expense Entitlement is designed to provide equitable access to the Atlantic Region’s Basic Education Program.  This policy will allow member expenses to be offset throughout the region in a manner that is consistent and transparent.

2. Course location
Members are expected to register for basic courses offered by the Regional Office that services them, except in exceptional circumstances. Members are also expected to register for basic courses closest to their place of residence, except in exceptional circumstances. Members wishing to register for a course in other geographical or servicing areas must seek preapproval from their Regional Office.

3. Member Expense Entitlements
The following expense entitlements are available to members who register for and complete a basic course.  Basic courses take place over one or two days, either on a Saturday or on a Saturday and Sunday.

4. Family Care Policy
All members are entitled to claim Family Care costs in accordance with the PSAC Family Care policy:

The policy is intended to assist members with family care costs incurred as a direct result of attending an authorized PSAC event.

5. Salary
Members who are scheduled to work during course hours or while traveling to and from a course are entitled to claim their salary.   To do so, members must provide PSAC with a copy of their shift or compressed schedules.  Members’ travel times must be preapproved by their Regional Office.

Members who are scheduled to work during course hours or while traveling to and from a course and who are employed by Treasury Board, Canada Food Inspection Agency, Canada Border Services Agency and Parks Canada are asked to request Union Leave from their employer. Your PSAC Regional Office will provide you with a letter supporting this request, making it possible for your employer to bill the PSAC for your lost salary.  Members who take Union Leave to attend a PSAC course will not experience an interruption in their regular pay.

All members with precarious and atypical status shall be paid up to 7.5 hours a day during the week from Monday to Friday, based on the duration of the event, as opposed to the employer-established work schedule. No remuneration will be provided during the weekend unless there is loss of salary on the weekend (e.g. shift schedule).

This policy was initially applied to members within the academic sector as a result of the approval of a 2012 Convention Resolution (Fin-045) for training activities; this has been expanded by the AEC (September 14, 2015 meeting) to include all precarious and atypical workers who participate in all types of events for union business from Monday to Friday (conferences, political action, etc.).

Definition of precarious and atypical status (as per administrative guidelines of Regulation 15):

Members who either have hours of work that are less than 35 hours per week and/or who receive remuneration as a set amount regardless of the number of hours they actually work.

6. Travel and the environment
PSAC encourages members to car-pool.  We also encourage members to use public transit, if and where available. 

7. Rates and Entitlements

7.1. Participants who live 40 km or fewer from the course location
Participants are entitled to claim $50 per day to offset the cost of transportation, parking and lunch. Receipts are not required.

7.2. Participants who live more than 40 km and fewer than 100km from the course location
Participants are entitled to claim mileage for transportation. They are also entitled to $50 per day to offset other costs like parking, lunch, etc. Receipts are not required.

7.3. Participants who live 100 km or more from the course location
Participants are considered in Travel Status and will be reimbursed in accordance with the PSAC National Travel Policy rates (for meals, transportation, accommodation and incidentals). Participants must seek pre-authorization from their Regional Office to attend the course. Further information on the PSAC Travel Policy is available through the PSAC Regional Office.  You can also find it here:

Members in travel status are responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodations, at a unionized hotel unless there isn’t one available.

Members must keep all relevant receipts and may be asked to provide them.

8. Participants with special needs and in need of an accommodation
The PSAC is committed to ensuring that our courses are accessible to all our members. If you are a member with a disability and require an accommodation, contact your Regional Office to request an Accommodation Request form.  Please also inform your Regional Office of any other special needs or requirements you have in order to fully participate in the course.

9. Advanced Courses
Information on expense entitlements for Advanced Courses will be outlined in the call-out letter for those courses.