Nova Scotia Area Council1 and USGE 80073

“Members of the Nova Scotia Area Council1 and USGE 80073 gathered for a breakfast launch of a USGE/Area Council website in Hammonds Plains, NS recently.

The website is live and will draw attention to the affect of the Conservative agenda on public sector employees and public services as well as communities in Nova Scotia. The council also approved a “What My Union Does and Has Done for Me” business card campaign and had discussion around a billboard or bus ad to draw attention to the cuts.

Pictured is Area Council president Chris DiLiberatore right and Vice president and site moderator David Merrigan, left.

Pictured in the group photo going counter clockwise from the purple shirt is Chris DiLiberatore, UTE 80003,Drake Clarke, UCTE 80829 ,Kevin Marchand, UNDE 80409, Dave Yeomans, UNDE 80406, Mark Rogers, PSAC, Gisele Weingartshofer, GSU 80052 & David Merrigan, USGE 80073.