Navigating Workers’ Compensation

On Saturday, November 28, 2009 thirteen PSAC Members met at the St. John’s Regional Office and were enlightened on the intricacies of ‘Navigating Workers’ Compensation’.

 On the photo from left to right, Back Row:  Tammy Strickland, UTE 90001, Maggie Ryan, UTE 90001, Gordon Lake, UCTE 90915, Joanne Walsh, UEW 90001, Steve Wall, UCTE 90915, Paul Dawe, UTE 90001, Eleri Dymond, CEIU 90113, Nancy Butler, UTE 90001, Stacey Evans, UTE 90000, Glenn Parsons, UCTE 90915, Larry Flynn, UCTE 90916, Centre:  Dana Bambrick, AGR 90001, Front Row:  Mike Stokes, PSAC Facilitator, Brent English, CEIU 90113.

Guest Speakers were: 

  • John Costello, Labour Relations/Disability/Claims/EAP Advisor, Fisheries & Oceans
  • Judy Vanta, Workers’ Advisor, NL Federation of Labour
  • Greg Kirby LLB, O’Dea-Earle Law Office
  • Josie Healey, Manager of Entitlement, WHSCC
  • Andrew Manuel, Team Leader, Compensation Services, WHSCC