National Public Service Week 2017

Sisters and Brothers,

National Public Service Week (NPSW) will be held June 11-17, 2017.  The event marks the importance of federal public service employees and to recognizes their service to Canadians.  Because the employer cannot pay its employees on time and accurately, we are asking our members to boycott NPSW.

PSAC members proudly serve Canadians on a daily basis.  Our members deserve more than a piece of cake – if the employer wants to show their recognition for our members’ valuable work; they should do that by paying them in full and on time.

Leading up to NPSW, I ask that you get in touch with your Member of Parliament.  It’s easy: contact them over Facebook, Twitter, by phone, email or in person.  We need to remind them that they need to fix the Phoenix Pay System now!  I recently sent a letter to all 32 Liberal MPs in our region expressing our frustration with their lack of action on this critical issue.

If Members of Parliament were not getting paid on time and accurately, the problem would have been fixed a long time ago.  Furthermore, if a private corporation would abuse its employees in this fashion, they would be prosecuted immediately.  Why the double standard?  Why can’t public sector employees obtain the money and benefits they are owed?

Let’s send a strong message during NPSW.  As I tell our members: “Don’t forgive them and don’t forget.”