Municipal Elections in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians are asked to elect their municipal governments on Saturday October 17th. Because municipal elections are governed by the municipalities themselves, each municipality make their own decisions such as when advance voting takes place, how people can vote, etc.

As a national union that represents workers in the federal, provincial and municipal governments and various private employers such as Dalhousie University, transition houses and so on, we understand and see first-hand the value in electing labour-friendly candidates.

Having said that, as your union, we do not tell our members who to vote for. However, we recommend civic participation and we ask that you take the time to cast your ballot on election day: Saturday October 17th.

In order to avoid line ups and to exercise your democratic right to vote in a safer manner, we recommend that you vote in advance and either online or via phone, if those options are available in your municipality.

If you need additional information in order to vote, please contact your municipality.