Marine Atlantic Negotiations Survey

Please respond to this survey by September 10, 2023 at 5 p.m.

As per the email sent out on August 24, 2023 we plan to go to negotiations with the following items:

– CPI + 2% (Consumer Price Index)
– LTD (Long Term Disability)
– 6 year contract (Ending December 2025)

CPI – will protect the members & their families from past, present & future cost of living increases (once in contract very hard to get out unless negotiated).

LTD – will protect members income should they have to be away from the workplace incase of medical conditions for extended timeframes, thus protecting members & families from undo stress not knowing where next pay check is coming from.

6 year contract – This will give us time from having to sit again till 2026 (this will give us time to look at what we would like to change in the next round).

Entering into negotiations with these items means a longer negotiation process.