Implementation of the TC agreement: the deadline has passed

The employer has sent us a notice to bargain. They are in a rush to get to the bargaining table. Yet they have been unable to implement the past agreement seven and a half months after we settled.

We came to a tentative agreement on August 1, 2013 and we signed the agreement on October 18, 2013. The employer has 150 days from signing to implement the agreement, which means that March 17, 2014 is the deadline for implementation. The employer has had more than seven and a half months from the date that we came to an agreement to implement it.

Treasury Board notified your union recently that they will not be able to fully implement the agreement within the 150 days. When we denied them an extension, the employer applied to the Public Service Labour Relations Board to get a two-month extension.

They have since revoked this application, but the agreement has still not been implemented.

PSAC is filing a grievance to fight for you to be paid what you’re due. We think that you should not have to wait any longer to get your retroactive pay.