Strolling Strong for Childcare

12pm -

Corner Brook

The Rocky Harbour RWC annual “Strolling Strong for Childcare” is taking place in Corner Brook on Thursday, October 28th at noon near Tim Horton’s, Mt. Bernard Ave.

The walk will continue down to the intersection on Main Street, across the bridge, cross the next intersection, and back again. The time for the walk will be about 30 to 40 minutes at most. There will then be coffee/ tea for participants and some donuts/ muffins as well.

This will be the Council’s 4th year campaigning for high-quality early inclusive learning and universal childcare for all, and it would be so great if we could get as many of us and those from our respective Locals and Groups involved.

In previous years, the Area Council in conjunction with our Women’s Committees and even participants from the Corner Brook Aboriginal Women’s Group have participated in the walk.

Corina Harding, our PSAC Atlantic NL Regional Representative, will be present this year as last year too as well as our PSAC NL Women’s Director Gail Budgell!

Last year since it was close to Halloween, one of our chants was “Hey there, don’t be scared of Universal Child Care!” and there was even a Sheila Copps amongst the walkers:)

We will have also banners with Universal Child Care on them and placards with Child Care for All and Affordable Child Care if anyone wants to take one.

We invite anyone to bring a stroller if they want, or even bring their children/ grandkids too. Since, this year like last year, the date is so close to Halloween, a participant can dress up if they so wish (only if they wish).

Social distancing and safety protocol will be followed. See attached poster.