Online event – Fighting ANTI BLACK Racism & Systemic Discrimination in Canadian Workplaces and Trade Unions

April 27th, 2021

6:30PM (ADT) - 8:30PM (ADT)

A discussion of how employers and unions perpetuate anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination, and how people fight back.
The forum will EXAMINE the BLACK CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT recently filed against the Federal Public Service for decades of systemic discrimination & SHED LIGHT on current RESEARCH into the path-breaking 1990s case (documented in the Lynn Jones Heritage Collection) against intersecting grounds of discrimination in the Public Service
Alliance of Canada (PSAC), which are unresolved into the present.

See event poster here.

Event Registration:
Registration closes 4pm April 27, just after which the Event link will be emailed.
Folks after the deadline can request the link via