Convention Documents & More

Sisters and Brothers,

Please find below the Convention documents: Resolution, Convention Committees Reports, Convention Book, Finance Report as well the report from myself as your Regional Executive Vice-President.  The books can also be found on our website.

I’m also excited to announce that we have an ‘App’ for our convention!  You can download the app right away following the links below:

App Store
BlackBerry World
Google Play
Windows Phone Store

Rest assured, if you don’t use apps, you will not be left out.  Whatever information is uploaded on the app will also be shared with all of you at our Convention using various other means of communication.  That being said, if you don’t have a computer or mobile phone, you will still be kept informed of the latest developments at our event.  This Convention will be accessible to everyone.

However, if you do use social media, our official hashtag is #PSACAFPC2017 – feel free to use it right away!

As usual, we take advantage of our come together to protest on an issue that affects our membership.  This year, we will be protesting the Phoenix Pay System and demand that the government fixes it once and for all!  Fixing the Phoenix Pay System while providing the support to our members who work with that pay system on a daily basis.  After all, everyone understands and appreciates the fact that every worker should get paid on time and accurately by their employer.

Furthermore, we will also have a video booth on site.  You will be able to record a one to two-minute testimonial.  You can share how you have been impacted by the Phoenix Pay System or you can voice your concern on any other matter that impacts your members such as health and safety legislation, privatization, child care, Thirsty for Justice campaign, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you!

In solidarity,


Jeannie Baldwin
REVP PSAC Atlantic | VPER AFPC Atlantique
287 Lacewood Drive, Suite 301
Halifax, NS B3M 3Y7
Tel.: 902.445.0927
Cell.: 902.275.7945
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