Celebrating the power of our labour!

This coming Monday is a holiday when all workers are invited to celebrate the power of their labour. On this day, we have an opportunity to participate in several events marking Labour Day or simply spend time with family and friends.

I am proud to advocate for a union that strives to improve working and living conditions for all Canadians. On this day, may we remember the battles we fought and be mindful of the struggles still ahead to achieve fairer working conditions.

This year, Labour Day coincides with a review of the Canada Labour Code. Through this review, close to one million Canadians, with some 100,000 in the Atlantic provinces, will have access to better working and living conditions, including in non-unionized workplaces.

As some employers are lobbying to restrict some new rights granted to workers, we will be putting up a fight. We must prioritize quality of living and working conditions. We cannot allow employers to weaken legitimate rights such as: refusing overtime for family reasons, an unpaid 30-minute break for every five hours of work, 24-hour notice for any scheduling change or 10 days of unpaid leave for family violence.

To this day, thousands of PSAC members continue to wrestle with pay and financial issues. Our workplaces remain in the grips of the Phoenix pay system. In 2019, there is absolutely no reason why public service workers cannot be adequately compensated for their labour. Our union will continue to help members and put pressure on the government. See what you can do to assist your coworkers.

I wish you an awesome Labour Day 2019!

Colleen Coffey, REVP-Atlantic