Boycott National Public Service Week 2014

National Public Service Week will be held from June 15 to 21, 2014.  Once again we are boycotting any participation.  We are asking that you do not take any role in the employer’s organizing committees as the employer may be approaching you shortly.

Public Service Week should be about highlighting the importance of federal public service employees and recognizing our service to Canadian society.

Delegates to the 2012 PSAC Convention endorsed a boycott of the National Public Service Week.  As you all know, the next federal election will be held on October 19, 2015.  During PSW, we will be asking our members to be creative in highlighting the number 19 such as: standing outside your workplace for 19 minutes, wearing a piece of clothing with the number 19 or coming up with the 19 best ways of getting rid of the Harper Conservative Government.

Stay tuned, more information to follow and keep an eye out for number 19.




Further to the email we sent on April 3, this is to provide additional information in regards to National Public Service Week.

With the recommendations of the NBoD Political Action Committee we recommend that each local organize a strategic action, meaning an action that involves the members in your work location on June 19th.  You can also work in partnership with other components/locals to ensure the success of the event.  Not every activity can work for the entire region so it’s important that you organize an action that will work for your workplace.

The actions on the 19th should be approached as part of our ongoing effort to mobilize our members to win fair contracts in bargaining, and to build broad opposition to the current government and its policies.

These activities should not be limited to Treasury Board or Agency Locals/Branches. 

Please advise my office by May 11 on the proposed action in your workplace.


In solidarity,

Jeannie Baldwin, Atlantic REVP