Atlantic Voice Awards

Nominations are now closed

The Atlantic Voice Award should be awarded to activists that are members in good standing and have provided exemplary service and leadership as a union activist within the union (Local, Component, regional committee, etc.) and that fall into the following categories and fit the corresponding criteria:

Rising Star

  • Got involved in the labour movement since the last Atlantic Regional Triennial Convention.
  • Engages others in union participation.
  • New activist that finds ways to be involved within the PSAC for the benefit of the membership.


  • Has shown dedication throughout the previous cycle to working with non-profit organizations or community groups.
  • Regional committee member; human rights, regional women’s, area council or young workers.


  • Shares knowledge and education of the union.
  • Fosters learning within the union environment.
  • Engages and helps develop other members’ union activism.  


  • Has shown a commitment to improving the working conditions of union members in their workplaces.
  • Ensuring members are advised of their rights and obligations of their membership.
  • Provides representation and support to other members.