2nd year anniversary of the Phoenix Pay System

Dear members, committee chairpersons and activists,

The second year anniversary of the Phoenix Pay System – also known as the Phoenix debacle – is fastly approaching.

PSAC and its members need to highlight this sad anniversary in order to add continued pressure on this government to take action to fix this once and for all. We will be launching a nationwide petition calling the government to:

  • Recover the net pay for overpayments, instead of gross pay; and
  • Step up its hiring process and expand the compensation capacity both in the pay centres and in departments.

I encourage you to be proactive and help organize an event in your workplace the last week of February in order to gather signatures on this petition. 

In addition, the Members of Parliament will be in their ridings the weeks from March 5-16 and April 2-13. Please contact them right away to setup appointments to discuss Phoenix. I can certainly supply you with speaking notes for the meeting.

Contact your regional PSAC office if you require assistance or material and ensure that you send a picture of your activity that demonstrates your frustration in regards to the Phoenix Pay System.  Pictures can be sent to our communications officer, Sébastien Bezeau.

Yours in solidarity,

Colleen Coffey
Regional Executive Vice-President, Atlantic