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“I am affected by these cuts because the people we deal with as photographers are affected. We do business with a lot of government agencies. Their availability decreases as public servants seem to be taking on larger work loads and are under more and more pressure. We offer passport photo services and these applications go through an ever shrinking Passport Canada, making it harder for my customers to get the services they need.”

Robert Young – Owner/Operator of Celebrity Photo Studio, St. John’s, NL

“The cuts to the Federal Public Services will affect us in a number of ways, not only in terms of the economic impact that comes with the loss of those jobs from our economies. In St. John’s a resounding impact in this case comes with the loss of executive decision making positions within our region. We’re losing individuals that have key positions in government who represent the needs of our region and this impacts on the whole province, not only St. John’s. These local people have a lot of experience and understanding of Newfoundland & Labrador.

“Here in Gander the biggest cuts we’re seeing are to Service Canada. We’re losing 30 jobs here. These people end up having to uproot their families and head to more urban areas like St. John’s or other parts of Canada. We need to consider not only the toll this will take on these families, but the economic impact for our community. This is a loss of about 1.5 million dollars a year to Gander’s local economy, and that’s just in salaries alone.

PSAC Atlantic is raising its voice against the closing of a custom built facility in Dartmouth that houses centuries-old, historical, Acadian artifacts.

“Average student debt in Canada stands at over $27000. It’s near impossible for graduates buried in debt to contribute to the economy in a meaningful way. These cuts to public sector jobs will make it harder for new graduates to find work, making it even more difficult for new grads to make ends meet when they are starting out. These cuts are an attack on youth.”

Michael Walsh, St. John's, NL
Newfoundland and Labrador Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students

“When we discuss cuts to the Search & Rescue services, we are not as much talking about jobs as we are about public safety for Newfoundlanders & Labradorians. The fishing industry is flagged as the most dangerous industry anywhere in the world. We are a maritime community and we are primarily defined by our status as a maritime community. Not having these services available means that we are left vulnerable. Like no other place in Canada we need these safety nets around us for when things go wrong at sea.