Statement on Black History / African Heritage Month

Sisters and Brothers,
This February, we celebrate Black History / African Heritage Month. The contributions made to society by our Brothers and Sisters from the Black/African communities have made our country a better place to live.  Not only have they shaped our nation, they have shaped our own Union as dedicated members and committed staff members. We honour all of those who contributed to PSAC’s success, such as Brother Cal Best. Our boardroom in the Halifax Regional Office is dedicated in his name to remind us every day of the important contribution made by our racially visible members.  
Although there is still a lot of work to be done to combat racism, we must celebrate every achievement made. Recently, the Government of Canada announced that Viola Desmond, civil rights activist from Nova Scotia would feature on the new ten-dollar bill. This action recognizes her activism and resolve in challenging racial segregation at a movie theatre in New Glasgow, NS. We also celebrate and congratulate our very own Brother Carl Gannon on his election as National President of the Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees. We also thank him for being a leader in our region.
We encourage all of you to attend a celebration of Black History / African Heritage Month in your local community. We also invite you to read PSAC’s official statement on Black History / African Heritage Month.
In solidarity,

Jeannie Baldwin                                                                  Debbie McLaughlin
Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC-Atlantic           Regional Coordinator, PSAC-Atlantic