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The Public Services Alliance of Canada (PSAC) works to improve its members' quality of life by advocating for fair treatment and respect in their workplaces. We do this by achieving employment security, fair pay, better benefits and safer and healthier working conditions.

Many of our union’s 180, 000 members across Canada work for the federal government or its agencies, however, an increasing number the union’s membership work in places like women’s shelters, universities, security agencies and casinos. Click here if you are an academic worker.

By working together, the PSAC and our members have won many victories. Halifax Stanfield International Airport commissionaires worked with the union to force the employer to pay half-a-million dollars in back overtime and holiday pay. At the Memorial University of Newfoundland the union negotiated guaranteed Teaching, Graduate or Research Assistantships for the course of a graduate students’ studies and protection from discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression for per-course instructors. In Esgenoopetitg (Burnt Church) First Nation the union took the employer to court and won the reinstatement of numerous unjustly fired employees.

PSAC fights to protect and enhance laws that defend workers’ rights. We seek to hold governments accountable for maintaining strong public services. We also advocate for social justice, for an inclusive and compassionate society, an end all forms of discrimination and for economic equality.  Being part of a union is about lifting everyone up.

To find out how to join the union and negotiate better working conditions, pay and benefits, contact:
Dave Shaw, Atlantic Organizer
shawd [at] psac [dot] com
Cell phone: (902) 233-3471
**All emails and conversations will be kept strictly confidential.**

The PSAC’s membership is growing! Workers who have recently joined the PSAC in the Atlantic Region are below.

Bryony House  (Local 80022)
DASC Industries (Local 80023)
Chrysalis Transition House Association (Local 80024)
City Hall Employees Association of Moncton (CHEA, Local 60200)
Esgenoopetitj(Burnt Church) First Nation (Local 80035)
Eskasoni Teachers Union (Local 80501)
Stanfield Airport Commissionaires (Local 85100)
Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Bridges and Police Commissionaires (Local 80375)
Harbour House (Local 80030)
IMP Gander (UNDE Local 90120)
PEI Commissionaires (Local 90140)
Listuguj First Nation (Local 69081)|
Lecturers Union at Memorial University of Newfoundland (LUMUN, Local 80375)
Postdoctoral Fellows at Memorial University of Newfoundland (affiliated with LUMUN)
Marine Atlantic Supervisory Personnel (MASP, U.C.T.E. Local 80180)
Professional and Technical Staff Union at the University of New Brunswick (PTSU, Local 60551
St. Thomas University Staff and Administration Union (STUSAU, Local 60701) 
Teaching Assistants’ Union of the Memorial University of Newfoundland (TAUMUN, Local 90600) 
Union of Graduate Student Workers at the University of New Brunswick (Local 60550) 
Union of Federal Island Employees (UNIFIE, UNE Local 84200)
Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC) workers
University Research Assistant's Union (URAU)– University of Prince Edward Island
Union of School Business Employees of New Brunswick (USBE)
Workers Union of St. Thomas University Student Union(WUSTUSU, PSAC Local 6088)

Steps to Join the Union

Thanks for your interest in joining the PSAC! Here is a step-by-step guide for becoming part of the union.

  1. Contact us. We’ll discuss starting a union at your workplace and the improvements having a union can bring to your workplace.
  2. Once all your questions are answered and you’ve decided to pursue joining the PSAC, you will work with PSAC staff person to develop a plan - including getting others involved and having them sign union membership cards.
  3. Once a majority of your co-workers have signed membership cards, PSAC will ask the appropriate labour board - federal or provincial – for the right to represent you - to be the bargaining agent for you and your coworkers.
  4. Once certified, we will work with you to set up a local. This means adopting bylaws that explain how decisions are made and choosing a team who will negotiate a collective agreement with your employer. Then we will start bargaining a first agreement.
  5. For the first time you will have a role to play in determining your pay, benefits and working conditions.

Interested? Contact:

Dave Shaw, Atlantic Organizer
shawd [at] psac [dot] com
Cell phone: (902) 233-3471
**All emails and conversations will be kept strictly confidential.**

New organizing video: My Union is the PSAC

March 11, 2014 •

PSAC Atlantic is proud to launch its new organizing video which can be viewed at the following link:

Dave Shaw
Regional Organizer
Tel.: 1.800.839.6661
ShawD [at] psac-afpc [dot] com 

Newest local to join PSAC in New Brunswick

September 1, 2010 •
PSAC would like to welcome the newest local to join our Union family, the STUSAU Local 60701, Saint Thomas University Support and Administration Union in Fredericton.
This new local of 56 members had its first official union meeting on August 30th where members elected their very first local executive as well as their local bargaining team.  Work on bargaining for a first collective agreement will begin very shortly.
Thanks to our PSAC Regional Organizer, Brother Dave Shaw, and the members of the local who made
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