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Regional Women's Committees

PSAC Regional Women's Committees provide an opportunity for PSAC women to organize in their reagions and work together collectively. They give recognition and credibility to women's rights as an important concern of the union.  Committees aim to inform and educate women on the political, social, economic, and workplace issues that affect them.  RWCs also speak for women with a strong, common voice and advocate policies that promote women's rights.  They also mobilize women to participate in the union and to take action on the issues and empower women with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to exercise effective leadership. 

PEI Regional Women's Committee - AGM

September 10, 2014 •

The P.E.I. Regional Women’s Committee held their AGM meeting on September 8th. In attendance were members from CEIU, UTE and UVAE. Jeannie Baldwin, REVP Atlantic, swore in the newly elected committee members.

Chair, Debi Buell, UVAE; Co-Chair, Karolyn Walsh, UVAE; Secretary, Marilyn Gallant, UTE and Treasurer, Beryl MacNeil, UVAE.

Equality Garden Party

September 9, 2014 •

The PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women recently sponsored an Equality Garden Party. Host, Hon. Catherine Callbeck honored female leaders in her speech.

International Women’s Day Luncheon

March 7, 2014 •

MEDIA ADVISORY         March 7, 2014


International Women’s Day Luncheon

International Women’s Day Conference

March 7, 2014 •

MEDIA ADVISORY         March 7, 2014


International Women’s Day Conference

PEI Regional Women's Committee

July 4, 2013 •

The PEI Regional Women's Committee held their Annual General Meeting on June 25th.

Election results as follows:

Debi Buell, President
Karolyn Walsh, VP
Beryl MacNeill, Treasurer
Marilyn Gallant, Secretary

Regional Women's Committee Meeting

March 28, 2013 •

The next meeting of the Regional Women's Committee will be held, Tuesday, April 2nd at 5:30 pm in the PSAC Regional Office Boardroom.

Halifax RWC New Executive

June 5, 2012 •

Here is the new Executive for the Halifax RWC. Left to right is Carmelle MacDonald, Secretary, centre, Joy Clayton, Chairperson, Kanika Adekayode, Treasurer, and Rhonda Doyle-LeBlanc, Director for Women. The AGM was held on Monday, May 8, 2012.

New Executive for St. John's RWC

April 24, 2012 •

Newly Elected Executive - (left to right) Maggie Ryan - Co-Chair, Valerie Marsh - Secretary, Paula Whittle - Chair - Gloria George - Treasurer
Also present was Angela Decker - designate for REVP Sister Jeannie Baldwin

PEI Regional Women's Committee

April 3, 2012 •

The PEI Regional Women’s Committee held their AGM on March 28th.

Elected to the Committee were: Debi Buell, President; Karolyn Walsh, Vice-President; Marilyn Gallant, Secretary; and Beryl MacNeil, Treasurer.

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