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No words can describe how we feel following the tragedy that took place in Fredericton on August 10. We represent many workers that place their lives at risk every day in order to protect Canadians. We offer our most sincere sympathies to all that have been impacted by this tragedy and we vow to continue to work towards a safer Canada.

SUMMERSIDE, PEI – Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) members in PEI will be gathering to send a message to the Prime Minister and his government that federal public service workers deserve to be paid correctly and on time, every time. PSAC members are taking advantage of the summer to meet with their local MPs and discuss the plagued pay system. This is another initiative organized in order to raise awareness on the problems that federal public-sector workers are facing every pay day.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited PEI this week.  PSAC members showed up with their Burnt By Phoenix signs to remind him that his government should take all measures necessary until federal public service workers get paid correctly and on time, every time.

You may download the updated Let’s Talk About It Toolkit

PSAC members took part in Scott Brison's annual BBQ. They took this opportunity to discuss Phoenix, bargaining with Treasury Board and the need to protect public service jobs.