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Four years later and we continue to get ‘phoenixed’. How are you being impacted now?

  • Your pay has been affected?
  • Experienced stress because of compensation-related issues?
  • Affected your decision to seek or accept another position?

Tell us!

To commemorate African Heritage Month, the PSAC Halifax Human Rights Committee has purchased two tickets to the Neptune Theatre production of “Controlled Damage”.  The production explores the life of Viola Desmond and how her act of bravery in a New Glasgow, NS movie theatre started a ripple effect throughout society,  The winner of two tickets to “Controlled Damage – The Viola Desmond Story” is Jeff Whyte, UTE 80003.

Friday, February 28th will mark the 4th anniversary of the implementation of the Phoenix system. Four years already that many members are experiencing pay issues because of bad Government decisions.
To mark this sad anniversary, PSAC-Atlantic is organizing a demonstration in Miramichi from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in front of the main pay center: 2 Victoria Avenue in Miramichi.

The Greater Moncton PSAC Area Council with the collaboration of the PSAC members and friends from the NBCC Moncton and the TD call centre generously responded to a need from the newly renovated homeless shelter, the House of Nazareth.
The shelter which could help approximately 50 people before their recent renovations can now accommodate 120 people.  To be able to do so, the shelter needed articles of bedding. In additions to many bedding articles, the members added socks, mittens and tuques to help the homeless people stay warm.

As per PSAC regulation 15, it is mandatory for every member to attend the information session before being allowed to vote.  

Nova Scotia
UTE Local 80003
Tuesday, February 18, 20209
Starr Room, Alderney Gate Public Library
2nd Floor, 60 Alderney Gate Dr., Dartmouth
Session 1: 11:45 am 
Session 2: 12:45 pm