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Education Events

  • You are a new PSAC member or have been a member for some time and never took the time to know much about your Union or the benefits of being in a unionize workplace? 

    You have questions about your Union and would be interested to understand why you are paying union dues where the money goes and how it is used?  You don’t necessarily have intentions to become involved in your local but would appreciate knowing a bit more on how your Union works? 

  • The Grievance Handling course is designed to help stewards develop a greater understanding and handling of the entire grievance handling process.  This course if offered for DCL locals.  See poster attached for more information.

  • This course will look at power relationships and how they affect the workplace.  Participants will identify elements that make up a respectful workplace and discuss what is needed in order to establish and maintain a more respectful workplace.  They will also define harassment and bullying and their impact at work, and look at policies, processes and the legal framework that governs harassment in the workplace.  Finally, participants will study measures for preventing workplace harassment as well as formal and informal recourse routes.   

  • This course will be offered in bilingual format with simultaneous translation.