Application for Unions Work for Women

The Atlantic Region of the Public Service Alliance of Canada is pleased to offer Unions Work for Women: A PSAC course for active women members. This advanced course is intended for a diverse group of women participants – women from all equity seeking groups, trans women, cis-women, genderqueer women, non-binary people who are significantly female-identified, from different geographic or rural/urban areas, from different employer groups and PSAC structures, who are active in their union, or in their community, or on specific issues that matter to them, who are young workers and who are not.

Please note that the following PSAC Policies are in effect for all PSAC Atlantic courses:

If you don't know your PSAC ID number, please contact your regional office or enter 123456 to continue the process.
Please specify any dietary requirements or allergies you have.
The PSAC strives to ensure that PSAC events are barrier-free for participants with disabilities. What are the functional limitations arising from your disability? (You are not obliged to disclose your diagnosis, only your functional limitations.) Please specify the accommodation measures you require.
The PSAC is committed to ensuring that our programs are accessible to all members. The information requested in this section will help us ensure we have an equitable representation of members from the equity seeking groups identified by the PSAC Human Rights Policy, as well as young workers. This information is confidential. Please select the groups you belong to.
May we add your name to one or more of our respective PSAC Equity contact lists? If yes, this information may be shared with different structures of the PSAC in support of our human rights work.